Yoga Relaxation

    Because our bodies and minds are intimately linked.If we feel any outside pressures or stimuli that we perceive as threathening, our bodies will react by reverting to the protective reaction which we commonly call the 'fight or flight' response.This causes the nerve impulses to send a message to the muscles to contract in order to respond to the said threat.Because of our modern lifestyles,we are being constantly bombarded with excess noises and stimuli which may cause us to remain stuck in this state of heightened readiness.This may result in many of us spending our lives in a state of tension,manifesting in many ways such as constant headaches,clenched jaw muscles,shallow breathing and many chronic illnesses.

    Through the practice of yoga the body is able to begin to work more efficiently,and help to counter the effects of these pressures on the mind and body .The effect of the yoga postures on the body, effectively causes it to be worked by using a combination of the body being stretched,pressure being applied and by contraction of the muscles.As the body becomes fit and progressively toned the mind will begin to become more calm.

    Although the postures and the pranayama exercises will have a calming effect on the body,they alone will not be able to bring the body to complete relaxation.This state will only be achieved by placing the body in a position in which allow the body and mind,to let go.Savasana or the corpse pose is regarded as the best pose for the practice of deep relaxation.In this pose the muscles are body are progressively relaxed and when this is achieved the body is filled with a sense of peace.This practice of deep yoga relaxation can also leave the body and mind with a deep sense of calm and rejuvenation, due to the calming and refreshing effect of this practice.Each session of yoga practice begins with relaxation and should end with at least 10 to 15 minutes of  yoga relaxation in savasana.

    It is said that a few minutes of yoga relaxation can leave you as refreshed as if you have had several hours of sleep.