Meditation,or dhyana is the seventh limb of the tree of yoga.It is said that meditation is the practice by which there is constant observation of the mind.According to the great sage Patanjali, ''the restraint of the modifications of the mind stuff'' is yoga.It means focussing the mind in order to see the true Self.Only by stopping the thought waves are we truly able to understand our true nature and attain enlightenment.

    Before commencing meditation it is necessary to ensure that you have the optimum conditions to enjoy success in your practice.It is important to choose a regular time and place for your meditation.Having a regular routine will help to condition the mind to slow down it's activities as soon as possible.It is also important to choose a place which you will use regurlaly and only for that purpose, try to have an area that you set aside for this.This place should be your quiet sanctuary,tucked away from your everyday pressures.The area  should be kept simple,and clean,with the minimum of clutter.The space should be kept well ventilated,and relatively dust free,with an ambient temperature that is not too warm,that would induce drowsiness and with the possibility of circulating air to keep you awake throughout your meditation.Remove your shoes before entering the space to keep it physically clean.You can also personalise the space by having a rug and also have a shawl or blanket to guard against the cold.

    The most effective times for meditation are early dawn or dusk,these times are said to be the most auspicious as the atmosphere is charged with spiritual forces and the mind is most at peace.Traditionally when meditating you should face the north or the east to take advantage of favourable magnetic forces.If it is not feasible to sit and meditate at these times,choose a time when you are not involved with any daily activities,and when the mind is likely to be calm and there are no distractions.